Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (#2) Thirteen Foods I don't like

I love food. Seriously, I loooove it. So it's so weird to find anything I DIS-like along the food chain. But... here's 13 things I do not care for.

1. Beets. YUCK! I once mistook beets for cranberry sauce and nearly ruined my thanksgiving.

2. Cranberries. Yeah, yeah. I know what I said above, and I DO like the sauce, but not the actual berries. Too tart.

3. Brussel sprouts. I have tried and tried to like these litte cabbage imposters, but to no avail. They're bitter and stinky.

4. English peas. I don't mind the taste of these I just don't like the texture of them "popping" in my mouth.

5. Caviar. Tastes too fishy for me. And the eggs also "pop" in my mouth and that tends to gross me out.

6. Salmon. I really want to like this fish especially since it's so high in Omega-3 and all the good fats, etc. But dang.. it's just so in-your-face with the fishy taste. Blah.

7. Green olives. However, I LOVE Black Olives. Yummy.

8. Cherry Pie. Which is weird, because I love cherry stuff. Just don't dig the hot, whole cherries in molten sauce pie.

9. Habenero peppers. WOW... way too hot to spice up anything without overpowering it.

10. Sushi. Yeech. Sorry, but where I come from, we call this bait.

11. Prunes. My mom used to make us eat these when we were kids. To this day, I can't stand the taste of prunes or prune juice. ugh.

12. Water chestnuts. I just don't like the texture and tastelessness of these things.

13. Brazil nuts. Whenever I get a can of mixed nuts, I always pick these out first and toss 'em in the trash.


Sniz said...

Soooo, what I'm getting is that you don't like fish? I'll eat your Brazil nuts! I'm so with you on most of these things. Good TT!

Joyismygoal said...

. Beets. ok

2. Cranberries. yum

3. Brussel sprouts. ick

4. English peas. yumm

5. Caviar. ok on acracker
6. Salmon. my fav food esp when mixed in potatoe
7green olives Yumm on a hamburger Black Olives. Yuck

8. Cherry Pie. Yumm
9. Habenero peppers. WOW... way too hot
11. Prunes. not awful just don't like the texture and tastelessness of these things.

13. Brazil favstoo

Amazing Gracie said...

Cherry pie, beets and salmon - otherwise, I agree 100%! Oh, I'm not certain about English peas..I love the frozen green ones (or fresh) but canned peas stink, literally!
Thanks for a great list!

Hootin'Anni said...

I SO AGREE with you sushi on the list! Yessireebob, fish bait!!!!

My T T is published, won't you drop by?

Coco said...

let's see... I love sushi (but the fusion kind, not the traditional ones) and cherry pies. And I can tolerate salmon and caviar. The others... mmm... probably not ;)

Chumplet said...

Holy Jeez, don't come to my house because I LOVE each and every one of those items.

Morgan St. John said...

Number five is funny. Have you ever seen the movie 'Overboard'? Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. So hilarious. I'm with you though..ew, *shiver*.

I do like salmon though. YUM.

Gina Ardito said...

I agree with most of these. But have you tried "Craisins"? They're raisin style cranberries (find them in the raisin aisle of most supermarkets). I cook with them a lot 'cuz the kids love 'em!

Salmon...well, it really has to be done in a sweet sauce to be done right. Maple teriyaki, cherry, honey. Then it's yummy!

Zee said...

I love everything on your list. Although I've never been much for peas, except those wasabi peas for some reason (crunch/heat?).

OMG... Sushi! So much more than just "fish".... the tastes explode in your mouth like... mmmmm! I love it. My recent fav is Scallop Surprise. Btw, many of the dishes involve cooked fish, like eel (which is like dessert).

Speaking of dessert... why not cold cherry pie? That would be like eating yummy cherries in sweet cherry sauce.

And Steve used to hate brussel sprouts until I cooked them the way she does in the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook (1). I've always loved them, and now I have to fight him for the extras. Go figure.

Now I'm hungry!

Hootin'Anni said...

YOU HAVE A HALLOWEEN TREAT OVER AT MY BLOG---it's found in the Friday's entries...scroll down.

Nicholas said...

I so agree with you about #1 and #3. Quite disgusting.

karen said...

ITA w/ 3 & 7!