Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (#1)

Thursday Thirteen

My first Thursday Thirteen. My friend Gina got me started on these. Now, lots of our friends have jumped on the bandwagon... I finally found a wagon with a band that I could climb aboard. So here goes!

For my inaugural Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to list:

13 Hobbies I'd never take up.

1. Knitting. Nope. Sorry. I know it's a big deal and lots of folks find it relaxing, but I have tried and I HAVE FAILED. Miserably. Stupid purling and casting off. *shudder* I nearly put my eye out with the needles. No thanks. More power to those who can conquer it!

2. Birdwatching. Down here in the south our state bird is the mosquito. So even if I was trying to watch another type of bird, the mosquito would eat me up before I could say yellow-bellied-sap-sucker.

3. Record collecting. What do you do with all those old vinyl LPs? You can't play them... or maybe you can. But why? I don't know. This one confused me.

4. Hunting. Unless we're talking about looking for Easter eggs in the bushes, I hate every kind of hunting.

5. Pottery. Sure Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze made it look sexy in Ghost, but in reality you need a big ol' wheel that'll take over your living room and giant glops of clay and ick ick ick... your fingernails will get gray and your skin will dry up. No. I'll pass on this one too.

6. Quilting. Tried it. Hated it. Will gladly pay for talented folks with more patience than me to make those beautiful covers.

7. Splatter painting. Now come on. Jackson Pollack was about the only one who got famous for this. Otherwise, you're just being messy.

8. Collecting baseball cards. I wouldn't know Reggie Jackson from Michael Jackson. A pitcher from a belly-itcher. A catcher from a rye. Nope. I'd be a horrible collector of these little gems.

9. Watching Pro-Wrestling. Or should I say WRASSLIN'. I hated it as a kid and I hate it even more as a big whiny adult. Heh heh.

10. Dumpster diving. One word: EWWWW! If you crawl out of a big metal trashcan, waving an incredible find, it'll be lost on me because I can't over the fact that you just crawled out of a trashcan. You know.. where people throw their TRASH? Ewww.

11. Manga. My niece is into this. I just can't get into it. All the characters have crazy hair and giant eyes and tiny mouths and usually some sort of talking animal pet. Not for me.

12. Ham Radio. I used to think you had to use this to order Christmas dinner. But alas, it's just a hobby that doesn't strike my fancy. It's right up there with CB radio. C'mon back, teddy bear. Ten-four, good buddy. *squawk*

13. Anything LEGO related. I've stepped on more of these pieces and hollered more obscenities than a drunken sailor. I was glad to get rid of my old collection. And to find out they're popular again makes me want to build a LEGO rocket and shoot myself to the LEGO moon!


Gina Ardito said...

Count me in on all those! Well, I could tell the diff between Reggie and Michael, but only 'cuz I was a Yankees fan in the 80's when most of the players were cute: Ron Guidry (bestillmyheart), Graig Nettles (who shares my birthday), Rick Cerrone (sigh! so young, so tight...)

Now they just have Derek. Big whoop. LOL!


Zee said...

Yep, tried knitting and gave up, long ago. Oy! I love quilting, but as usual, have problems with finishing (omg, ya think I have a trend going? can't finish writing five books and now three quilts... eeeek! I'm predictable) (I hate when that happens). Loved throwing pots -- the ooky clay feels really nifty.

Mostly, Missy, you've got a GREAT list! I'm with you on all but 2!!! xoxox

Wakela Runen said...

I remember my mom tried to teach me to crochet before. Ummm... the result looked like on of Jackson Pollack's paintings came to life. It was scary.

And that is with just a small hook. Imagine the damage I would do with two huge needles.


Harris Channing said...

I am still trying to knit but it's not a favorite. Birdwatching? for the rest, I htink i'm with you!

Fun list and witty too!

Debora said...

No knitting or hunting for me either. My boys love their lego and we've had our share of Pokemon cards, but I prefer to collect Lenox myself!

i am the diva said...

it took me many years of learning before i could say i can knit. i don't think i'm a pro, but i can knit and purl quite nicely now.

Birdwatching sounds about as thrilling to me as watching paint dry.

Record Collecting - This one i do, we have a pretty big collection of music on vinyl. and we have a pretty decent record collection and listen to them quite often. (here's where i go music geeky on you) the sound quality of a LP is far more superior than a CD because what you're hearing with an LP is analog - or real sound in real time. on a CD you are hearing the amplification of a digital signal - it doesn't have the FULL sound that a record can give you. LPs are awesome [steps down off of soap box]

i think hunting and fishing belong in the same category. and i say no thank you to both. killing something for sport doesn't sit well with me.

I've been taking a ceramics class, which isn't quite pottery but you still get to play with clay.

My grandmother is an expert quilter and is in the quilters guild and she tried to teach me when i was 10. i took one look at all the math, and cutting of perfect shapes of fabric, and the patience required and went screaming back to my archie comics

OMG - "Otherwise you're just being messy" my sentiments exactly.

i have never collected any kind of card be it baseball or hockey. i don't find pro sports to be interesting or entertaining.

i used to watch pro wrestling back in the early 90s with my bros, back in the Hulk Hogan glory days, but now i couldn't be bothered

Dumpster Diving = you said it all sista!

Manga - no thanks, there are a few comics/cartoons that i'll partake in for sentimental reasons that take me back to my dorky adolescence - like Sailor moon, but i draw the line after that.

i don't even know what a ham radio is unless it has something to do with a musical pic

having 3 brothers in the 80s we had a huge collection of lego. My husband likes to pull the box out of storage when we go to my parents place for dinner.... he instantly turns into a six year old and gets on the floor and dumps the whole thing out and builds rocket ships and cars and elaborate robots.... i can still only make pyramids.

Great TT!!

Gellianne said...

Hi!Thank you for viewing my First TT also! So, we have the same birthday at TT! I tried kintting during my teen age years.Naahh...I did not finish anything.

Nicholas said...

I agree with you completely about 12 of those.

karen said...

i used to make fun of my mom for birdwatching but now i love it. agree w/ you on the rest tho!