Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (#3)

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Since today (November 1) is my 10th wedding anniversary, I figured I'd skip down memory lane and make my Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen of my happiest memories of our marriage (thus far)

1. Being proposed to by an animated cat. My DH thought it would be super clever to make me play a video game and WIN it before it delivered its "Will you marry me?" line. I didn't know the payoff, but my DH told me I needed to win to see what it did. I played that damn game over 20 times before I finally won it! LOL! Glad I did! ;)

2. Honeymooning in Charleston, SC in November. Yes, we were the idiots on the beach at 6 in the morning to watch "the beautiful sunrise" and were freezing our butts off! But it was fun and we got great pics!

3. Getting lost in Charleston, SC in a rental car and winding up at some seafood restaurant at closing time. We walked in, told them we'd just gotten married and they stayed open just to serve us! They were SO SWEET and generous to us. It was fantastic food and they just made our honeymoon so special. I wish I could remember the name of that restaurant. Funny, after 10 years, I can still remember how welcome they made us feel - but I never have recalled the name of the place. I can't look it up because I have no idea where we were. ARGh! Catch 22, I hate you!

4. Monsieur Patou's restaurant. Ahhh... my DH took me to this 5 star restaurant on our 1st year anniversary and it was DIVINE! Monsieur Patou has since retired and alas, no more of that scrumptious food. *cry* We were so poor, I think DH put aside a little from each paycheck for a month to afford for us to go... it was expen$ive, but sooo worth it. That's a great memory we have.

5. Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, TX. DH took me there as a surprise for Valentine's Day soon after we were married. I was so excited, I introduced myself to the homeowner by my maiden name. I was so embarrassed. But we had the best time staying there and touring the antiques in the quaint old town that time seems to have forgotten.

6. Visiting the in-laws in Louisville, Kentucky in the wintertime. Rarely do we have snow down here in the south, so driving up to Kentucky was great. DH and I visited a Barnes and Nobles during a snowstorm and meandered around inside the warm store, reading, sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies. It was so cozy.

7. Going to Seaworld in August. Oh man, it was hot walking around Orlando in the dog days of summer. But we discovered visiting the penguin's area was nice and cool! Then, as an added bonus, we went to watch Shamu and when he jumped out of the water and dove back in, the enormous splash he made drenched all of us in the audience. That was a quick cool down!! I remember it completely took my breath away! LOL! What fun!!

8. Buying a pillow-top king-size mattress. I know, I know. It doesn't sound like a big deal. We had this mattress on layaway at the bed store for 6 months. The day we got to bring it home was one happy day for us! Finally, we had enough room for us and the dogs. LOL! Yes, they sneak up when we're not watching (usually sleeping) and they ain't tiny.... so we honestly needed a bigger bed (not just for that OTHER reason, you gutterminds! LOL!)

9. Road trips, listening to books on tape. How nerdy does that sound? But it is always so much fun to drive anywhere with DH and we put in a book on tape (CD) . One time, we put a spooky story in there -- Bag of Bones by Stephen King -- as we drove up to Louisville, and actually had to drive around some extra time to finish it! LOL! Yeah.. we're super nerds.

10. Going to Galveston for DH's birthday in January. It was so nice and balmy, completely unlike a regular January day. We wound up spending the night and eating at this fantastic seafood restaurant and going to Moody Gardens the next day. What a great escape that was.

11. Visiting Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi. This was before Katrina destroyed it... (so sad). Ah, man, it was such a great place. Full of dolphins and sea lions. I even had my picture taken with a seal kissing my cheek! We stayed at this little motel right on the water (it was off-season, so it was cheap and not a lot of tourists) and walked to this great restaurant built on piers offshore above the water. It was very cool. I'm glad I got to experience it all before the hurricane hit.

12. Flight being canceled and having to spend an extra day in Orlando. That was great. It was raining and my father in law had this great screened-in porch overlooking a lake and it was so nice to sit there, watching the rain pepper the water. We wound up going to this fantastic seafood place for dinner (have you noticed how many of my fondest memories involve seafood restaurants? LOL!)

13. Everyday I wake up next to my DH. These past 10 years have flown by. It's weird that we're still so enamored of each other, but I guess that comes from liking the same things. We're best friends, too. And there is a never a day that goes by that we don't tell each other "I love you" and I mean it from the bottom of our hearts.

Toast: To us, sweetie. I love you!


Gina Ardito said...

Awww...! That's just the sweetest list evah! Happy anniversary, you two lovebirds!

Zee said...

Ah, that was so sweet! Hey! You guys aren't the only books-on-CD nerds! We love 'em, too. I try to get stuff my husband will like, even if I've read the book. I got "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas," and we got all the way home from a trip and had to sit in the parking lot at the market (we needed milk after the trip) and we cried and cried, and didn't care if all the shoppers saw us.

You guys rock!
It was our #10 this year, too.