Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update

How'd THIS happen???
I'm the number one (1) bestseller for my publisher at All Short Stories here:
and number four (4) bestseller at FictionWise here:

A quick THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased my book: The Pirate and The Pussycat and entered my contest! For those that haven't entered (yet) you still have a few more days left to enter to win some PIRATE BOOTY (and I hope you do!) please visit my web page to learn how to enter:

Writing news:
My editor tells me I'll be one of the first releases for my Christmas story (another erotic romance -- a little longer than my Halloween "Rose" this will be a "Miniature Rose") so hopefully you'll see Secret Santa 4U up on the site soon!

I'm also working on a book (erotic romance) for The Wild Rose Press' sexy Destination Pleasure series. Working hard on that one and after that, I'll have a Valentine's Day story. Whew. I've been busy making sure my heroes and heroines GET busy. Heh.

It's late. I should be asleep. I have worky work tomorrow. Ugh. The life of a public servant means.. working on the weekends. *cry*

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